Silver Linings Storm

24th January 2014

Like many parts of the world, we've taken some battering out here in the Atlantic Ocean recently, with the sea crashing onto the island to an extent not seen before in this lifetime. Pictured below is Ceann Gainnimh or Sand Head. Pictured at the bottom of the page is the other side of the same beach, living up to its moniker last season.

Don't panic if you've already booked your Inis Meáin stay though - we've seen every year how the sand faithfully returns to the island shore in springtime. Stunning cliff and coastal treks, do however, reveal the breathtaking strength of the winter storms with new boulders tossed up and freshly shorn slices of land washed away.

On the upside, nobody was hurt, we had a great excuse to stay put on the island for several weeks, and an unprecedented amount of seaweed was washed up for the garden. Islanders, in the habit of being well stocked up, were even more so than usual for Christmas time, but supplies had started to run a bit low, so this long-awaited cargo boat on January 9th was a welcome sight. — Back to Elements