Where is Inis Meáin Restaurant & Suites located?
Inis Meáin Restaurant & Suites is situated in the middle of the small island of Inis Meáin which is about 5km by 3km in size. It is the middle island of the three Aran Islands, which are located in Galway Bay in the Atlantic Ocean, 15 miles off the west coast of Ireland. For a map and travel information please see our Travel Toolkit.

What is the best International Airport to fly into to come to Inis Meáin?
We recommend to travel via Dublin Airport as it has the most inbound flights and the best transport options for travelling onwards towards Inis Meáin. Shannon Airport is geographically nearer, however the roads and transport options from there are not as good. For further travel info please see our Travel Toolkit.

Is it possible to stay for one night?
No. We offer a two night minimum stay only due to logistical considerations in our remote location. Everything that we do is inspired by our unique island location, and for guests to benefit from what we and our special location offer, we maintain that a two night stay is the minimum amount of time necessary.

Is it possible to stay for a combination of nights other than what is offered on our Book page?
No. Looking through our suites and book page, you will see that what we offer is much more than a typical hospitality package. To make this unique hospitality offering work in our remote location for the benefit of our guests, we cannot provide accommodation on combinations of nights different to the stays offered.

Is is possible to have a suite arranged with two separate beds?
Yes. Two of the Burren Suites can be prepared with separate single beds in the sleeping area. If you would like a suite with two single beds please tick this option when booking online.

Can a third adult stay in a Burren Suite?
Yes. There is a couch in each of the Burren Suites that can be prepared as a small double bed for a third adult sharing. This is dependent on availability however and guests need to contact us to check availability and rates for this option.

Can a third adult stay in the Connemara Suite?
No. Although the largest suite at 130sq meters, the Connemara Suite is specifically designed as a suite of optimum comfort for two guests sharing. Bedding arrangements are limited to a superking size double bed which is located in the ensuite bedroom. This is separate to a vast living area which is unsuitable as additional sleeping quarters.

Can children stay in the suites?
To preserve the quietness that guests are seeking more and more, bookings are currently accepted for children over 12 only.

Do the suites have a per person per night rate for comparison?
No. What we offer is not comparable to any other hospitality provider that we know of. What is included in our rates is much more than what is included in a B&B rate, which is why we call them Exploration Rates. Also we only have suites, each a minimum of 50 square meters, so we have no standard rooms. If comparing rates with other establishments, please ensure that you first read all that is included in our rates, look at suites of a comparable size, and consider that our rates are such to cover the considerable additional costs involved in providing what we offer in our remote island location. For example we have a team of 10 full-time staff, including the owners, to look after the 10 guests staying with us at any time. Our offshore location also currently confines us to a six month season, so we are only open in relatively peak season times and the rates are reflective of this.

Do the suites have a single occupancy rate?
No. As there are just five suites and a short season, the suite rates are the same for single or double occupancy in a suite.

Can pets stay in the suites?
No. We have no suitable outbuildings and there are none available on the island at the current time. With just 5 suites with a very high occupancy rate, we can never take a risk of the following guest having allergies to any remaining traces of any previous animal visitors.

Is there Wifi in the suites?
There is complimentary Wifi available in all of the suites. The quality of service is reasonably consistent but can be relatively weak in July and August when there are more visitors on the island using internet.

Is there a TV or DVD player in the suites?
The aim of the suites is to enhance guests' visit to the island by helping them to best explore the island which is an area of unusual natural beauty. Therefore there are no tvs or dvd players in the suites. There are however bicycles outside each suite door, and in each suite - a baited fishing rod, walking sticks, deckchairs, beach towels, umbrella, wildlife binoculars, maps and nature guides. Included in the rates also is a daily delivered hotpot lunch in a backpack that guests can enjoy out and about during their island explorations.

Does the restaurant serve dinner to non-residents?
Yes. Dinner reservations are available to non-staying guests on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights inclusive. However with just 16 seats in the restaurant, around 10 of which are usually reserved for suite guests, reservations need to be made well in advance. It is necessary to stay over night on the island to visit the restaurant for dinner and links to alternative accommodation on the island can be found below.

Are there alternative options for accommodation on the island?
Yes. There are a few B&Bs on the island and listed below are the ones who have websites and are currently operational for most of the season from April to September inclusive.
There are further options available on AirBnB.

Is there an à la carte menu in the restaurant?
No. The restaurant offers only a set 4 course Island Dinner that changes nightly and is served at 8pm. Some sample dinners can be seen on the Restaurant page.

Can children eat in the restaurant?
Children over 12 are welcome in the restaurant, however as there are just 16 seats available in the restaurant, only the full four course Island Dinner is available to all guests.

Does the restaurant cater for dietary requirements?
Yes. However only when the dietary requirements are highlighted when a dinner reservation is being made. Please note also that with limited resources we focus on creating a dinner that is an omnivore’s delight using the best available ingredients from the island. Although we are happy to cater for dietary requirements with advance notice, the alternative dishes served are outside of our core culinary focus.

Do the owners live away from the island in the off-season?
No. Ruairí is a native of Inis Meáin and Marie-Thérèse, originally from Cork, joined him on the island to build and open the first phase of Inis Meáin Restaurant & Suites in 2007. We built Inis Meáin Restaurant & Suites so that we could live on the island all year around with our two daughters born in 2010 and 2013. As a small business, the off-season is spent doing all of the things that we don’t have time for during the on-season, always working to improve the Restaurant and Suites, pursuing other projects, as well as spending more time with family in the natural beauty of the island that we are fortunate to call home.